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Progressive Minerals supplies the widest range of optimized solutions for high abrasion extracting industries.

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Full Range of Grinding media

Progressive Minerals  is the only supplier offering the full range of grinding balls in particular and grinding media in general: cast and forged, low and high chromium, balls/boulpebs/rods and ceramic grinding beads and balls.

Why choose Progressive Minerals grinding balls

Progressive Minerals has the capacity to manufacture premium quality forged grinding balls of all sizes ranging from 22 mm to 160 mm (7/8” to 6 ¼” approx.)

  • We use the highest quality bar stock available, made with “clean steel” technology.
  • Rigidly managed forging process ensuring spherical ball shape.
  • High end heat treatment technology, based on Progressive Minerals years of metallurgical experience guaranteeing long wear life.

Logistics is a key part of Progressive Minerals grinding media offer: We currently have 2 distribution centers in Australia close to our customer base and are in process of adding more.

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