Our Products & services

Progressive Minerals offers a complete product line of grinding media ranging from high density to low density into various industries. More than a grinding media supplier Progressive Minerals is dedicated to providing customers with exceptional technical services including simulation lab test, continuous wear rate test and on-site technical service

Grinding Media

Our Grinding Media is used in process equipment like ball, attritor and stirred mills to achieve excellent particle size reduction for fine and ultra-fine grinding (UFG) applications.

Progressive Minerals 25 years of experience in the industry has allowed us to develop a full range of superior grinding media products. Our product family includes an extensive line of high to low end Grinding Media suitable for every customers application.

Progressive Minerals experienced team aims to further develop tailor-made products to satisfy each of our customers unique needs. Our goal is to continue to actively develop innovative new types of grinding media in the ceramic and mining industry.

Our strong R&D team is continuously developing new products like the MineMate Beads series with great success in the market

Technical Services

There are many parameters affecting the grinding efficiency and production cost in Ultra-fine grinding unit. In order to best simulate the milling conditions in the full-size plant, Progressive Minerals conducts continuous simulation test in the lab to find the optimized parameter for customers. Progressive Mineral’s  technical team also offers on-site technical support and training courses to the end users. 

We provide the best service in industry